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Larrikin Lloydy Recalls His 3 Crowns

February 22, 2024

Andrew Lloyd is a legend of the Australian running scene and won three of the early editions of the Burnie 10.

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Lord Recalls Burnie Breakthrough

February 7, 2024

After finishing second in the first edition of the Burnie 10, Anne Lord had a point to prove.

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Celebrating 40 Years of the Burnie 10

January 29, 2024

When Mike Boss-Walker suggested in 1984 a major footrace to promote the town of Burnie, he could hardly have envisaged what an impact it would have, not only on this community but throughout Tasmania.

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October 27, 2023

More than 2300 participants will line up in the famous Strait Link Burnie 10 this Sunday 29th October, across three distances.

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Diver Eyes Third Attempt in Burnie

Australian marathon record holder Sinead Diver hopes three’s a charm when she steps onto Wilson street this Sunday, amongst more than 2000 early entrants.

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Australia's Fastest Firey Targets Strait Link Burnie 10

October 18, 2023

Marlon Von Moger will swap his firefighting turn out gear for runners on October 29, when he takes on the Strait Link Burnie 10.

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Rayner Back to Roar on the Roads

October 12, 2023

Australia’s road running master Jack Rayner is returning to the 2023 Strait Link Burnie 10 on October 29.

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Adams Amongst Massive Early Entry Numbers

October 5, 2023

2021 Strait Link Burnie 10 champion Caitlin Adams will be among the many returning to the streets of burnie on October 29.

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The Famous Race is on this Sunday

October 20, 2022

The bounce back for major events continues in Tasmania this weekend with the 38th Strait Link Burnie 10.

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Elite Men's Field Annoucement

The 2022 Strait Link Burnie 10 welcomes a stellar line-up on elite male athletes this Sunday October 23.

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Elite Women’s Field Announcement

October 14, 2022

A full flight elite women’s field will once again be assembled for the 38th Strait Link Burnie 10 next Sunday.

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Making a run for the Burnie 10: Burnie showcased on limited-edition Milo tins

October 5, 2022

Nestlé Professional partners with local Rotary Clubs for ‘Celebrate Australia’ campaign’s second year.

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Running Royals Returning to Strait Link Burnie 10

September 23, 2022

Australia’s distance running royalty return to the streets of Burnie this year, with both Ryan and Gen Gregson set to line up.

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Adams, Clark and Hansen Confirm for Burnie

September 26, 2022

Olympic marathoners Liam Adams and Milly Clark, along with Australian parkrun record holder James Hansen are the latest signings for the 2022 Strait Link Burnie 10.

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Media Release: Strait Link Burnie 10 to Host Oceania Championships

September 2, 2022

Australia’s famous road running event has a new name in it’s the 38th year. Strait Link have been confirmed as the new naming rights sponsor of the Strait Link Burnie 10.

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