Larrikin Lloydy Recalls His 3 Crowns

February 22, 2024

Andrew Lloyd is a legend of the Australian running scene and won three of the early editions of the Burnie 10.

Andrew Lloyd is one of the favourite characters in Australian distance running.

Famous for his blazing come from behind victory in the 1990 Commonwealth Games 5000m final over the then Olympic champion, mention the name ‘Lloydy’ and all in the Australian running community will crack smile.

He won everything, from miles to marathons, track, cross country and road.  Among them were a trio of Burnie 10 titles in 1986, 1990 and 1991.

“I remember Mike Boss Walker got me down as he started the whole show.  I said I was happy to come down, but he had to take me fishing, that was my deal,” Lloyd laughed.  

“I still keep in contact with Mike, we spoke on the phone a month ago.  He’s such a nice guy.

Lloyd won the second edition of the race in 1986, clocking 29:19.  Though he wanted to come to the first edition if it wasn’t for tragedy.

“I was in a car crash in 1985 but survived a head on with a truck.  Of course, the doctors said I wouldn’t run again.  It hurt, but then I won the City2Surf in 1986 and then Mike got me down for Burnie,” Lloyd recalled.

A full-time athlete at the AIS, Lloyd was accustomed to travelling all over the world for races.  But going to Burnie was unique he remembered.

“Getting flown to a road race in some country town on a very small propeller jet, you’re not expecting much.  But I couldn’t believe how a whole town got behind it and it was just magic.  The worst thing was the wind, that’s what gets you.  It’s either head or tail.

“I had a close race with Danny Boltz, but I was always good in a sprint finish.  I knew once we got to the turn into the final straight, if anyone was with me they were screwed.  That’s where I was strong,” he laughed again.

“I think I got $2000 or $3000 back in the day.  It was the richest road race in Australia at the time.  A lot of us guys were living on the smell of an oily rag.

After becoming a household name after the win at the Auckland Games in 1990, Lloyd returned to Burnie for back-to-back wins, adding to the profile of both the event and the athlete.

“I was in good form after Commonwealth Games in 1990,” he reminisced.  

Lloyd is still regularly involved in the sport, sponsoring and working on major events.

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