Race Preparation

The best race day tip that anyone can give you in any race is to be conservative at the start.

You can always pick up the pace later. Ten kilometres is already a long way but it can seem a lot longer if you get to the halfway mark with no bickies left in the tin!

If you feel that you have taken off a little quickly, just slow down and even walk a little if you have to until you feel better.

Don't try anything new on your race day. Leave your experiments to training. If you're going to wear new shoes then break them in at training a couple of runs before the race. Apply some sunscreen and double tie your shoelaces and wear familiar light clothes with your number already attached. Your normal routine should include some warm-up exercises prior to setting off. A three or four minute jog will increase the heart rate and warm up the muscles. Follow that with a few minutes stretching, taking extra care to stretch the quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles.

Make sure you stay hydrated, especially if it's a warm day. There are belt flasks you can buy. Many people who do get into  trouble don't have enough to drink before and during the run.

I know the last thing you’ll probably want  to do after the ten is warm down and stretch but do a little anyway.  You’ll thank yourself the next day.

A lot of capable people wait till next year… when they have more time to train. Next year is always next year - it  never arrives for them. This may the perfect year to attempt the race you’ve always wanted to do. Grab a friend, get your family involved. Look forward to it - it’s a great feeling…  and you’ll deserve it!

If you do find yourself in trouble at any stage of the run don't be afraid to stop and walk. Rest and start up again when you feel ready. Make sure you focus on having a good time instead of just recording one.

Lastly, be easy on yourself. Smile and enjoy the experience of participating in Australia’s premier 10km road race and if not everything goes to plan on your race day, the sun will still rise the next day –  and there’s always next year.

Whether you are a walker or runner, new to exercise or a seasoned competitor, the keys to performing to your potential, and HAVING FUN, are having a workable training plan, and optimising your diet during training and on race day. View training and nutrition plan.

Ready to get running?

Whether you’re a seasoned long distance runner, an eager novice or someone who hasn’t necessarily had the time to prepare for a full 10km distance - either the 10km and 5km are perfect events to set your sights on!

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