Celebrating 40 Years of the Burnie 10

January 29, 2024

When Mike Boss-Walker suggested in 1984 a major footrace to promote the town of Burnie, he could hardly have envisaged what an impact it would have, not only on this community but throughout Tasmania.

“I can’t believe the Burnie 10 is turning 40 this year. It’s got such a rich history, with so many well-known runners lining up in it over the years, but winning it too” inaugural race winner Steve Moneghetti said.

Moneghetti took out the first edition in 1985, clocking 28minutes 54seconds.

“Winning the first edition was a real highlight for me, as I had just returned from a disappointing track race at the World Uni Games and without a doubt winning the Burnie 10 restored my confidence and kickstarted my road racing career,” Moneghetti added.

The honour roll of winners since then sounds like a sports fan listing of their favourite Aussie distance runners. Mona, Lloydy, PC, Darren, Killer, Kylie, Susie, Benita, Mottram, Kerryn, Collis, Weightman, Gregson, Tamsett, Adams, Robbo, McNeill, Elzy, McSweyn, Gen, Rayner amongst numerous more.

“It’s got such a strong brand on the Australian distance running scene. Every serious runner in Australia has either come and done it, or should do it. Then the opportunity for everyday runners to share the road with those elites is something truly special about our sport. “

Over the 4 decades there have been tens of thousands of community runners and walkers take to the Wilson st startline and tackle the picturesque Bass Highway circuit.

You’d be hard pressed to find another event anywhere in Australia that highlights a town with one event. From keen locals, to interstate or international running enthusiasts, they were supported and cheered on by army’s of volunteers and spectators who lined the streets, all adding to the carnival atmosphere.

“40 years is a testament to everyone who has played a role over the years. I remember Mike Boss-Walker in those early years getting the event established. Then all the enthusiastic volunteers who have put so much into it over the decades for the benefit of the community, it’s really special.”

Back to 1985, Kerith Duncanson travelled from Bega NSW and joined Mona on the winners dais, clocking 34:08 to be crowned women’s champion.

The first Tasmanians were Devonport pair Leigh Taylor and Andrea Rippon.

To celebrate the 39 weeks until race day, the event is offering a unique incentive to enter. Receive 39% off entry prices in the first week of entries being open. The discount lowers by 1% each week until race day. Enter early and save the most money; https://www.burnieten.com.au

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