Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive my race bib in the mail after I register for your race?
This year all bibs will be available for collection at the Burnie City Council chambers. However, you can choose to have your race bib(s) mailed to you if you prefer. We invite local participants from Somerset through to Penguin to collect their race bibs from the chambers and advice that no bibs will be mailed out after Sunday, October 06 2019 to ensure none remain ‘in transit’ and unavailable on race day.
I want to register a school team. How easy is that to do?
If you want to register a school team with all four entrants wishing to participate in our 10km race simply select ‘Create a Team’ from our home page and select ‘school team’. Once you have registered and paid for your team you will be issued a team code you can provide to your four team members and invite them to join your team. If you want to register a school team with some (or all) entrants wishing to participate in our 5km race you can select ‘school entries’ from our home page and then select ‘school group’. School groups can have any combination of 5km and 10km participants and are not limited to four members. We will contact you with a code your invited members can use to join your school group. All members of both school teams and school groups qualify for The Advocate School Challenge $1000 prize and randomly selected Android tablet recipient.
I’m confused by team entries. I’ve created a team and sent the ‘unique team identifier’ code to my friends to invite them to join my team. Am I automatically already entered into that team? I think I am, as I did complete a form with a lot of questions.
No, you are not automatically entered as a runner in a team you have just created. You create your team (or if you are a representing an organisation you may have created a number of teams), you fill out your details as team registrar (so the team’s running bibs can be mailed out to you) and you will then get a confirmation email with a ‘unique team identifier’ code which you forward to your friends you wish to invite to your team. Your friends then visit the website to join your team by using the identifier code. If you wish to run in the team you’ve created, you’ve got to join your team too by visiting the website as well and using the same code.
I want to create a married couple team. After I enter all my details to create it and then complete my partner’s details to join do I still have to join the team too?
Yes, married couple teams are created and joined in the same fashion as all other teams. You create the team and complete your contact details so we can mail your running bibs to you. Your partner and yourself then both join your married couple team. Incomplete teams will delay bibs being mailed out.
After members join a team who receives the bibs?
After a team is complete, the race bibs for that team get mailed out to the person that registered that team. We do not mail out bibs to each individual member as they join a team because teams can be modified and members replaced with other individuals. However, by Sunday, October 06 2019 the remaining bibs of any incomplete teams will be forwarded to the Burnie City Council chambers for collection.
What if I lose my ‘unique team identifier’ code?
Without the code, you cannot invite friends to join your team. Please contact us to obtain a replacement.
I’ve registered and paid for a team of my work colleagues but now some of them say they don’t want to run. What if I can’t fill a team?
Please consider carefully before you choose team categories and ensure you can fill your team. Once you have registered and paid for a team and those registrations have been processed we are unable to offer refunds if you fail to populate your team with members. You can always change the original details of members and substitute other colleagues to take their place.
What happens if I injure myself before the race? and I’ve been invited to a party the night before race day and now I’m not sure I’ll be able to compete or I don’t think I’ve done enough training. Can I change my mind and get my money back?
Please consider carefully before you enter as we do not issue refunds under most circumstances. Refunds are not payable if you suffer an injury, unable to attend through a change in your personal circumstances or simply change your mind.
What happens if I lose my bib before race day?
Replacement bibs with timing system device can be re-issued with an additional $10 charge.
I’m a carer for a disabled entrant and wish to assist them during the race. Do I have to enter too?
Yes. Disabled entrants can be assisted by a support aide. A special registration form is provided HERE to provide a declaration and receive a race bib to let marshals know that you are indeed in the race. Registration as a support aide is free but you will receive no medallion or personal time.
I haven’t received my bib in the mail. Will I get it soon?
There are a few of reasons you may have not yet received your bib.
  • You have not selected the option for your bib to be mailed to you. This year all bibs will be held at the Burnie City Council chambers for collection and you can collect yours during normal business hours. However you can alternatively choose to have us mail your bib to you when filling out your registration – either online or using a printed entry form. If you overlooked this option or have changed your mind and now wish your bib to be mailed to you please contact us
  • You may not be registered. If you’ve created a team that you intend running with, did you join the team yourself? Members need to join a team after you’ve created one by using the special ‘unique team identifier’ code that is emailed out to them. Did you remember to join the team yourself?
  • Is it after Sunday, October 06 2019 ? All bibs are sent to the Burnie City Council Chambers for collection after that date rather than risk being delayed in the mail. Bibs can be collected between 9am and 4.30pm weekdays, Saturday, October 19 from 9am to 3pm and Race Day, Sunday, October 20 2019 at 8am until race start.
  • Your registration simply hasn’t been processed. Bibs and timing system devices need to be assigned to every entrant and this may result in minor delays that can be exaggerated by any mail delay.
  • Your payment hasn’t been processed. Are you certain your credit card details were correct? Did you receive a confirmation email that you were registered?
  • Your address was incorrect. A surprising number of entrants make errors when completing their details… including their address, resulting in their bibs being mailed out to the wrong address.
  • Your address is within our local collection area. Participants residing between Somerset through to Penguin are invited to collect their entries from the Burnie City Council chambers.
How do I know if I have won a random draw prize?
Random draws are usually conducted during the month of November with results posted online. Winners are contacted by telephone.
What are Gun Time and Net Time and why are they both needed?
Your Gun Time is the time it takes you to complete the race from the time the starting pistol fires until you cross the finish line. Your Net Time is the time it takes you to complete the race from the time you cross the start line (beginning your 5km or 10km journey) until crossing the finishing line. With the big number of participants in the Burnie Ten it may take some runners back in the field a minute or two (or more) after the starter’s pistol fires to reach the start line to begin their race. Their Net Time gives them a better indication of how long it took them to complete their 10km. While we recognise placings according to Net Time we award our prize money according to the Gun Time. Both times are listed in the results
Can I register online on race day?
Yes. This year our online registration remains open right up until 10am on race day. We have streamlined the collection and late entry area even more but be aware that there may be delays on race day, especially closer to the starting time, and you need to allow time to collect your bib, attach it to your running top and line up for your race. We strongly advise that if you are collecting your bib or entering the race on race day you do so as early as you can. The Burnie City Council Chambers are open on Saturday, October 19 (open 9am to 3pm) and race day Sunday, October 20 2019 (open from 8am).
Do I really need to display my bib?
Disposable race timing devices are located on the back of your bib. To receive an accurate time you need to ensure that:
  • The Race bib is clearly visible on the front of your torso
  • The Race bib is unaltered and unmodified (do not fold or wrinkle)
  • The Race bib is pinned to your shirt in all 4 corners
  • The Race bib is not covered (by jackets and shirts)
  • Ensure you cross the start and finish line
What is the minimum age you can enter the Burnie Ten?
There is no official restriction on an entrant’s age. There are risks involved with any physical activity and all children’s registrations must be signed by their parent/guardian/caretaker. 10km is a long way for any child to complete. The Burnie Ten committee strongly advises the parents of all children under 13 to either consider the alternative 321-GO kids’ race held in Burnie the following Sunday or our 5km event as more appropriate events to enter.
Can I wear headphones?
The Burnie Ten committee advises against wearing iPods with headphones and other personal audio devices for your safety and those around you. A safe runner is fully aware of their surroundings. However, it is not mandatory.
Where can I leave my personal belongings while I race?
The Burnie Baptist Church offer to store runners’ belongings while they compete.
Where can I get sunscreen?
Sunscreen is available to all entrants and volunteers at the information desk in the Burnie City Council’s atrium foyer.
Can I access the CBD during the Burnie Ten?
Burnie’s CBD is restricted at various times throughout race day morning. Due to the staging of the The Heritage Burnie Ten a number of streets in the CBD are closed. The multistorey carpark is available FREE all day and can be accessed through North T errace at all times. Cars can only depart multistorey carpark after noon.

I would rather fill out a normal printed entry form. Can I download a printable entry form online?
Yes. You can download a printable PDF entry form for the The Heritage Burnie Ten race HERE, the RACT Burnie Ten 5km race HERE, the Paraquad Tasmania 5km Wheelchair Road Race HERE, and a special ‘support aide’ for assisted wheelchair entrants HERE.
Why are there no teams option for the 5km event and why can’t my family enter as a family for the 5km event?
We encourage families to participate in both the The Heritage Burnie Ten and the RACT Burnie 5km event and welcome all family members to run together in the shorter distance race. Our new 5km race does not feature teams (other than school groups) or offer family discounts in addition to its already-reduced race fee.
I understand that all results are ‘provisional’ just after the race. When do they become ‘official’?
All results are initially provisional to allow us to address timing errors and race protests or objections. After 72 hours (Wednesday at 11am) results become official.
What if I change my mind while running the The Heritage Burnie Ten 10km race and decide to turn at the 2.5km point and just complete the 5km event?
Unfortunately once participating in an event you will not be able to change mid-race and just complete the 5km race without forfeiting your race standing. Essentially by turning at the 2.5km turn you have elected to withdraw from your race. You are also required to notify race officials at the end.
How do I withdraw from the race after I have already started?
You can withdraw at any time during the race. Please seek first aid support if you are overly fatigued.
What happens if I don’t want my photo taken?
The small size of many cameras and the advent of mobile phone cameras make it easier to take photos and harder to monitor. There is an inherent risk to all competitors of being photographed by the media, spectators or other third parties as they participate in any public event. Please be aware that photographers acting on behalf of the council and organisers and/or media may take photographs of competitors which may be published on the internet or in other publications.
Will entrants in the 5km event receive ‘net’ times as well as just ‘gun’ times?
Yes. Entrants in the The Heritage Burnie Ten 10km and the RACT Burnie 5km races both receive a ‘gun’ time (their time from when the pistol fires or siren sounds until they cross the finish line) and a ‘net’ time (their time from when they cross the start line until they cross the finish line). Therefore their ‘net’ time is a more accurate indication of the time they took to complete either course.
Will entrants in the 5km event start under the gantry (the big scaffold structure) like the 10km entrants?
Yes. Our current course allows the 5km entrants to start and finish under our gantry ensuring they receive both a ‘gun’ time and ‘net’ times.